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We could talk about how great this converter is until we're blue in the face, but why not just read some real testimonials from our customers? If you have any additional questions, please give us a call at (801)356-3823. We love helping people out! (And don't worry, you can talk to a real person).

SteveF - It works as described. The Wii output on my 60" LED screen looks great. The audio also comes through HDMI fine. Simple plug and play installation. The Wii was the only device without HDMI (until now). This converter makes the Wii usable again.

Tenacious64 - Does upscale. There is a noticeable difference. Easy to set up.

Anonymous - Works like a charm. I recieved it last night and my son starting using it with just dance the video game. My son is 2 years old and loves to dance.

Phil - It works just as you would expect. The scaling looks really good. It has a blue power light that is a bit too bright. I am not sure why it needs a light. Nothing some tape won't fix. Very happy with this product.

Mauryt - Great product and easy to install. sure makes hookup easier being able to go through my A/V receiver.Brings the Wii into the modern ages.

Anonymous - FAST shipping. Ordered 7 am Monday; it was in my mailbox at 2 pm Wednesday. Has worked perfectly for the last two weeks. LOVE being able to use the HDMI port instead of "unplugging" cables between DVD player and Wii.

Steve - Works perfect. Picture output is excellent. Saved running a 35 foot composite cable to my projector. Saved running audio wires to my stereo. Saves switching projector input between HDMI & composite. This makes it so much easier for our family to switch between TV & Wii. Check your devices specs. My projector only runs 480p and up. Had to find a TV that supports 480i & 480p to get Wii switched to 480p for use with my projector.

Anonymous - Product works very well. Fast shipping. Very pleased

Anonymous - Quick shipping - Product works as expected. Thanks

Joe - I can now use my WII with my new TV. Just the fix for New TV's with only HDMI connections thanks.

Anonymous - Easy Connectivity, streamlines home theatre setup, plug and play. A little big, would be nice if available in black to match the Wii Console. Good product with great shipping speed!

Mat - Works exactly as expected. I bought this so that I did not have to use a component adapter to connect my wii to my tv- component quality with HDMI connection was the exact intention, and it is exactly what I got. Great delivery time as well

Tom - Great price, super fast shipping, very helpful tech support

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