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How to Set a Wii to 480p and Widescreen Modes

When using the Wii to HDMI adapter kit you'll want to set your Wii to display a widescreen 480p type signal. The widescreen setting will change the format of the image so that it properly fits a widescreen TV. The 480p setting will change the Wii to output a progressive scan image instead of an interlaced image. This will greatly improve the clarity of the moving images on the screen.

Starting off:

To start off you'll need to have your Wii connected through the Wii to HDMI adapter kit. Then turn on the Wii and bring it just to the Wii home screen (seen below). At this point you'll need to click on the round Wii button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

Setting wii to 480p

Step 1:

You will next be brought to the settings menu. We need to adjust the Wii settings so click on the box with the wrench that says Wii Settings.

Setting wii to 480p

Step 2:

This will bring up the "Wii System Settings 1" menu. Both of the options we need to change are screen settings so click on Screen.

Setting wii to 480p

Step 3:

The 480p setting is a resolution setting. We'll set that one first, so click on TV Resolution.

Setting wii to 480p

Step 4:

As mentioned, we want to use the superior 480p option. To select this click on the top button that says "EDTV or HDTV (480p)". Once that is selected click the confirm button.

Setting wii to 480p

Step 5:

We'll now want to change the widescreen settings so we need to be back at the Screen menu page. From there click the Widescreen Settings button.

Setting wii to 480p

Step 6:

In this menu we want to set our Wii to output a widescreen image. To do this, simply click on the Widescreen (16:9) option and then click confirm.

Setting wii to 480p


Once you have adjusted those settings as described you are finished and ready to play your games. Just go back to the Wii home screen and choose the game you want to play.

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