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Wii to HDMI Adapter

Wii to HDMI Adapter
Wii to HDMI Adapter

Sewell's new Wii to HDMI converter takes the guess-work out of getting your Nintendo Wii connected to an HDTV. The Adapter is in the form of a 'dongle' or a cableless converter. It plugs straight into your Nintendo Wii's Audio/Video port (the port you usually plug the included Wii TV cable into). You then plug the HDMI cable from your HDTV directly into the provided HDMI port. The adapter also provides a 3.5mm stereo audio output if you wish to route your audio elsewhere (such as stereo speakers).

Sewell makes the Wii to HDMI converter in two types: simple pass-through and with 1080p scaler:

Wii to HDMI Pass-Through Version: This version takes your Wii's signal and doesn't change a thing to the resolution. It changes the signal from the Wii's analog signal to a digital signal necessary for HDMI TVs, as well as changing the connector to fit your HDMI cable.

Wii to HDMI with 1080p scaling: This version changes the output resolution to be high definition at 1080p and ensures that the picture fits your HDTV every time.

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Wii to HDMI adapter

Wii to HDMI adapter

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Welcome to WiiToHDMI.com. Since you're here, it's probably pretty safe to assume that you're looking for a way to connect your Wii to your TV through an HDMI connection. Well, lucky for you we have exactly what you need to accomplish that.

If you are simply too excited about getting this going to read the article check out the Wii To HDMI Solution page.

Wii to HDMI Adapter
Wii to HDMI Kit

Why Use HDMI?

There are a lot of good reasons to want to connect your Wii to your equipment through HDMI. Unfortunately, the Wii does not support HDMI output. Here are a few scenarios where you would want to use HDMI: You have a wall-mounted HDTV and only have access to an HDMI connection, you have digital distribution equipment like splitters, switches, or a matrix that only supports HDMI, you just really like using the top of the line digital video connection, HDMI.

Regardless of your reasoning using a Wii to HDMI adapter can be a great way to improve the connectivity of your Wii.

Picture Quality Comparison

Standard Composite VS HDMI

The Wii only comes with a standard composite video cable, which only allows for a 480i picture. Using our Wii to HDMI adapter kit you'll be able to use the 480p picture quality which will help to improve the picture quality.

You'll also notice an increase in quality because of the type of signal being used from the Wii to the converter and also from the converter to the TV.

Where Can I Get The Kit?

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